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Onduline Roofing Sheet

Onduline Roofing Sheet

Onduline is a heavy duty bitumen roofing sheet at 3mm in thickness and 3.3kg per square metre. Available in four colour options including Black, Green, Red and Brown with colour coded fixing buttons and matching ridge and verge. Accessories include PVC rooflight sheet, eaves fillers, apron flashing, eaves tray, batten cloaking piece and ventilator strip. tough and hard wearing providing a highly durable roofing material for larger timber structures, Onduline is manufactured from bitumen soaked organic fibres, the sheets are guaranteed weatherproof for 15 years.   Onduline sheets are available in a choice of Black, Green, Red and Brown.


Four colours: Black, Green, Red or Brown
Heavy weight sheet at 6.4kg
3mm thickness
Complete installation accessories
Lightweight yet resilient
Easy to saw, nail and install
Durable and hardwearing
15 year warranty
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