Marlon CST Heatguard roofing is an effective way to provide natural sunlight without letting in the elements, so you don't have to worry about inclement weather.

Horses prefer to be outdoors - frequently, however, they’re living indoors due to adverse weather conditions throughout the year. A horse’s well-being is both physical and mental, with Marlon CST Heatguard they can be given most of the benefits of being outdoors, such as natural daylight, but also the shelter provided by reduced heat in the paddock during hot weather spells.

Horses benefit greatly from regular exposure to natural sunlight, aiding with their overall health and wellbeing. Natural sunlight provides horses with essential Vitamin D and helps them to regulate their internal body temperature. Furthermore, providing natural sunlight for horses can also present cost savings, providing relief from the expense of artificial lighting and heating systems.

Natural sunlight is undoubtedly a beneficial resource for horses, and Marlon CST Heatguard roofing offers a great way to gain access to its many benefits. Natural sunlight helps horses to stay healthier, which can result in fewer veterinary costs in the long-run.

Horses need adequate exposure to natural light to maintain their circadian rhythm and regulate their bodily processes such as nutrition, digestion, and reproduction. In addition, natural sunlight can help to improve their vision, support healthy skin and coat, and reduce stress, all of which contribute to their overall well-being.

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