Quality natural light in agricultural buildings encourages healthier, more disease resistant livestock and provides a better environment for animals and  farm workers, resulting in improved productivity and reduction of heat stress.

Rooflights provide three times more light than the same area of vertical glazing as well as offering a much more even distribution of light which makes them ideal for large-scale agricultural structures.

Ariel supply an unrivalled range of rooflights for the agriculture industry which can help reduce energy use as well as saving on running costs.

Our range of polycarbonate and PVC roofing sheets and panels provide daylighting solutions for rooflights and vertical glazing in livestock sheds, stores and other farm buildings.  Natural daylight has been proven to be beneficial for livestock and contributes to a more productive herd.  It also lowers the energy consumption of the building by reducing the need for artificial light.

Our high quality rooflights contribute to ensuring buildings meet stringent animal welfare and environmental regulations and are designed to withstand challenging agricultural environments so stand the test of time.

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